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Narinder Paul Singh has been leading the charge against drunk driving for over 3 years now. Orangeville against drunk driving is a local group to give alternatives to driving under the influence, and Narinder and his team donate their time every friday and saturday to make sure YOU arive alive! On top of that, Narinder has had more then 18 years of experience as a professional in the industry.

About OADD!

Call-A-Limo is a proud sponsor of “Orangeville Against Drunk Driving” which is a FREE shuttle service provided on every Friday & Saturday(in town only) from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am since January 2016. For a free ride home call or text (519) 943-4900. Please don’t drink & drive. Arrive alive.

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This initiative started in late 2015 when the Federal elections were taking place.

Narinder Singh took to social media and posted that if anyone wishes to vote but does not have transportation to the voting booths, he would drive them to and from the voting stations so that people will get out and vote.

Singh has a long history of volunteering for elections and knows how important it is to make your voice heard by voting so he offered to volunteer to drive folks around. It was from this experience that Singh got an idea to drive people in town on Friday nights & the weekends to extend this service as he was made aware that people were upset with the standards of the transportation system already in place in Orangeville.

From long waiting times to bad service the list went on of complaints as to the growing problem of people not getting around town in a timely manner. Also he noticed the number of impaired driving stats seemed to increase with more and more people getting charged for drunk and impaired driving. He felt like he could do something for the town to keep our roads and the town safe.

In December of 2015 on New Years Eve, Singh teamed up with TSN Towing Company & Bristol Car & Truck Rentals to provide safe and courteous rides home for FREE all night within town. Singh had one 11 seater van & one 5 seater SUV and used these for the first year. For folks who wanted to reach home with their vehicles they were towed to their destination. The response was great and people appreciated the service and Singh was also overwhelmed with all the calls. After January of 2016 is when Singh started OADD for FREE within town every weekend including Friday nights from 10:00pm-3:00am. Singh used his own vehicle that he used for his limo business during the week.

Slowly he got more & more volunteers to drive on and off whenever they could. The response to this day has been very overwhelming. Whilst driving people to restaurants and bars or driving them home at the end of the night, Singh would hear compliments and feedback from people who were fed up of transportation companies in town not showing up when they called or being told wait times exceed one hour or more. These could be reasons why people choose to drive impaired. To Singh, this was simply unacceptable.

The feedback he got from people was momentum enough to push him forward to do this service every weekend including long weekends. The Orangeville Banner, a local newspaper also did an article about this: Orangville man committed to ending drunk driving!


OSS hosted their first official event in June 2017 at Island Lake Conservation Area to commemorate a Sikh event. The purpose of this event was to bring people together to educate the wider Canadian community about who Sikhs are and what they have contributed to society as well honor dignitaries such as the Mayor of Orangeville Jeremy D. Williams, MP of Dufferin-Caledon David Tilson, MPP of Dufferin-Caledon Sylvia Jones, Mayor of Mono, Laura Ryan.

Other personalities were also invited but were not able to attend. Also, a non-profit charity from Toronto, Sikh Sewa Society provided free food as per the Sikh tradition also called, “Langar.” The Sikh Sewa Society runs a free food truck where they feed the homeless in downtown Toronto every week.


In November of 2017 we relocated our office to a new suite and introduced a new company/service with our friends, family & business associates. We are humbled to have in presence the Mayor of Orangeville Mr. Jeremy D. Williams, MP of Dufferin-Caledon- David Tilson, MPP Dufferin-Caledon Sylvia Jones, Police Chief of Orangeville Mr. Wayne Kalinski, the President and Vice President of the Orangeville Legion Mr. Chris Skalozub, Chuck Simpson, former Fire Chief Orangeville Mr. Andy Macintosh.


We are blessed to know several members of the Legion who graced us with their presence at our office opening and for the first time the Sikh Community also was a part of the Remembrance Day Parade which took place on November 11, 2017. We are blessed to know several members of the Legion who graced us with their presence at our office opening and for the first time the Sikh Community also was a part of the Remembrance Day Parade which took place on November 11, 2017.

Orangeville Kin Club

Narinder Singh is a proud member of the Kin Club who organize charitable events and community gatherings. In December of 2017 Singh was appointed the Parade Grand Marshall. See Article here:

Narinder Singh is also involved with many non-profit organizations who are friends with Call-A-Limo and the community of Orangeville.

  • Orangeville Food Bank
  • Tele-Check Dufferin
  • FTP (Family Transition Place)
Our business partners:
  • The Helm Group - Marketing Group
  • Bar on Broadway
  • Stomping Grounds Barn & Nightlife
  • Millcreek Pub
  • Fionn Maccools
  • The Black Wolf Smokehouse
  • Ray’s 3rd Generation Bakery
  • Petro Canada-17 Townline
  • Wild Wing(Orangeville)
  • Raj Fashions
  • Regal Eye Care
  • Soulyve